Thursday, October 8, 2009

Does Meg Whitman Have the Judgment to Be Governor?

From the CDP:

Planned to Campaign for Candidate Who Wrote Working Women Were "Detrimental to the Family" Will Whitman Renounce McDonnell's Antiquated Views?

Meg Whitman is already struggling to answer why she’s qualified to be California governor if she didn’t have the time or inclination to vote here for years.

Now another troubling question demands an answer: Does Whitman have the judgment to be governor?

Just days ago, Whitman was poised to raise funds and throw her support behind far-right candidate Bob McDonnell, who is running for governor in Virginia. As a 34-year-old graduate student, McDonnell wrote a thesis in which he espoused an ultra-conservative government agenda [] targeting working women, contraception for married couples – even child care. McDonnell worked to put his plan into action once elected to the Virginia legislature.

Despite the fact that McDonnell’s views fall far outside the mainstream in California and the nation, Whitman agreed to raise money for this far-right candidate. After her fundraiser attracted attention, Whitman canceled her trip.

“Every day, Meg Whitman shows California voters that she is not ready for prime time,” said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton. “Bob McDonnell advocates far-right positions that, if implemented, would hurt all women, including Meg Whitman. If Whitman supports someone like Bob McDonnell enough to raise money for him, voters deserve to know: Does Whitman support McDonnell’s antiquated ideas? Is she as out of touch as he is?

“As the election draws near, the people of California need to know who Meg Whitman is and where she really stands,” Burton said. “Will the real Meg Whitman please stand up?"


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