Thursday, October 15, 2009

News from Barbara Boxer

I am pleased to let you know of a major construction project that will create about 2,000 jobs in San Diego. A contract has been awarded for the construction of the new United States Courthouse in San Diego. This project will create a boost to the construction trades, which will, in turn, create even more jobs for the region.

Construction of the San Diego Courthouse is long overdue. It is one of the busiest courts in the nation, a situation compounded because of its proximity to the border. Along with Congresswoman Susan Davis, I worked to secure the final authorization to begin construction.

This funding could not come at a more critical time as it will create much-needed jobs and help boost San Diego’s economy. And the new courthouse will be a more secure facility that will help federal judges in San Diego keep pace with one of the nation’s heaviest caseloads.

This Courthouse will be built on Broadway between Union and State Streets in downtown San Diego.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator


Anonymous said...

bring your labor card...

its not open for non-union..

Anonymous said...

Then the courthouse will be built well.

Anonymous said...

the "labor card" comment is a joke. There is no "discrimination" in a public works job. The payment of Davis-Bacon wages means that singatory contractors who are used to competing even when paying union wages will no longer have that competitive disadvantage because the wages are fixed to the prevailing rate. The anti-union contractors are ticked off because they can't undercut the competition just by paying crappier wages. I will tell you that every non-union worker is looking forward to the Courthouse and the previaliing rates that are paid, especially the non-union workers who typically get no health care benefits or retirement pay for breaking their backs.