Friday, February 5, 2010

Controversy erupts over California GOP chairman's private life

From today's Sacramento Bee:

Controversy erupts over California GOP chairman's private life

By Charles Piller
Published Friday, Feb. 05, 2010

A long-simmering controversy about the private life of California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring has erupted into a divisive conflict within the party.

This week the San Diego Republican Party executive committee, led by Tony Krvaric, chair of the San Diego party, called a meeting for Feb. 8 to discuss the removal of Michael Crimmins, an ex-officio member of its central committee. The executive committee recommended Crimmins' expulsion, in part for sending an e-mail to state party leaders that raised concerns about behavior by Nehring and Krvaric.

Crimmins, a retired Marine Corps officer and congressional candidate in the 53rd District in San Diego County, referenced allegations, initiated in an anonymous e-mail broadly disseminated to the party and media last fall, that Nehring brutalized a former romantic partner.

In a memo mailed to central committee members this week, the executive committee called Crimmins' claims "malicious rumors and false charges."

A separate, anonymous counterpunch was distributed via e-mail Thursday among party activists announcing a news conference after the Feb. 8 meeting that purportedly would call for the removal of Krvaric and Nehring from their posts. One justification, the e-mail stated, was that the two men allegedly harassed Nehring's former partner for considering bringing her story to legal authorities.

Nehring and Krvaric have not yet responded to Bee requests for interviews. Barrett Tetlow, a San Diego Republican Party spokesman, said that the Monday press conference was not a party event and that he would have no comment about it.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these political hacks? They call for investigations into everyone allegations, but themselves.

I call on Ron and Tony to be leaders, show courage and as they have asked of others to stand by those principals. If you did nothing wrong, then it should be a no brainer, ask for a full investigation whether you tried to coherse a victim about coming forth about this alleged crime.

Will you be an adult or just another in the long line of political hacks who place spotlights over others, but can't stand in the same spotlight themselves?

P.S. Where is SDRostra on this issue within their own party? If Ron and Tony didn't do anything wrong, then check it out yourself with your investigative teams.

Anonymous said...

SD Rostra won't touch this. It hits too close to home.

Anonymous said...

"SD Rostra won't touch this." Really? Way more discussion there than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Really, then where was the request to investigate the allegation of threats by the chair of the local and state party leaders?

Instead, they target some token lamb who ran for the party's losing races to say we do good things. It's like going after the intern in former Rep Cunningham's office. Sure the intern stole the office supplies, but it was Duke who was the real problem.

Great you spend your time at SDRostra talking about the intern, but its Duke's actions that should be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right... Comparing the anonymous allegations of someone who bases their claims on that of a unstable ex-girlfriend to the real crimes of Cunningham? A laugh.

Unknown said...


Dismiss the serious allegations of domestic violence by portraying the alleged victim as "Unstable". Typical. How about responding to the specifics of the allegations with more then a conclussionary statement of denial.

Unknown said...

Here are some facts for you since you think you know so much!

FACT: Ron Nehring threatened to kill his girlfiend if she ever went to the police. "What did you think would happen if you called them? Let me tell you one of two things would happen. You would be in court for the next 5 years of your life or there would be bloodshed. You have no idea what you almost triggered. NONE." (Nehring)

FACT: Nehring also threatened to kill himself if she went to the police. "Because had you done that *I* would be the one dead from a self inflicted wound. And don't think I am speaking metaphorically." (Nehring)

FACT: Nehring threatened to kill himself when another one of his victims threatened to go to the press. "You have started a chain reaction of events that may leave me with no remaining reason to live. I will try to leave things in as much order as I can. I hope the blood satisfies you." (Nehring)

FACT: Nehring knows his victims have the evidence needed to destroy him. "It's too late. Everything was handed over to another person." (Nehring).

Here is a question for you! If Nehring didn't do it why is he threatening to kill his victims and kill himself?

Don't believe the above quotes are real and verifiable? Ask Nehring. We'd love for him to lie about this too and make it that much easier to discredit him when the time comes.