Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Statement of CDP Chairman John Burton on Whitman campaign’s attempt to coerce rival Republican candidate Steve Poizner to drop out of governor’s race

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This extortion attempt is only the latest display of arrogance and lack of character on candidate Whitman’s part. This is clearly someone who is used to having things her own way and has come to rely on her vast wealth to buy off any and all opposition.

The Craigslist trial documents opened a window into how Meg Whitman operates. Then as now, a simple pattern emerges: first, attempt to buy off all competition and if that fails, threaten, bully, and intimidate until she gets what she wants.

Whitman’s attempt to buy off her main rival ultimately shows a weakness in her campaign. If she’s up by thirty points, and has billions of dollars at her disposal to outspend her chief rival, what is she afraid of?

Clearly Whitman is having a difficult time closing the deal with Republican primary voters and if she emerges from the primary she’ll find that California voters of all parties will reject her brand of strong-arm politics.

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