Thursday, March 25, 2010

CDP Pre-Primary Endorsement Results

No real surprises except in the two hot races (79th Ad and the 40th SD) Here are the results from the balloting that took place last Saturday

Assembly Districts

76 – Atkins
77 – Mark Hanson
78 – Marty Block
79 – Going to the CDP Convention
Huseo fell 2 votes shy of the endorsement. Pearl Quinones and jack Doyle will face off with Ben next month in Los Angeles

Senate Districts
36 – Pal Clay
40 – Mary Salas. She took it 84 to 0 against Vargas with one No Endorsement.

Congressional Districts
51 – Bob Filner
52 – Ray Lutz
53 – Susan Davis

1 comment:

Phat Jim said...

Vargas is running for State Senate? Really?

Oh, and I like the new color scheme. Its very. . .familiar.