Monday, June 20, 2011

Defeatist Democrats

Please Join

Mayor Jerry Sanders

For a Kick-off Event

To support

Bonnie Dumanis

San Diego County District Attorney

And her San Diego Mayoral campaign

Tuesday, June 28th


Suggested Contribution ~ $150 minimum

Host Level ~ $500

Endorsers &

Host Committee

Hon. Lynn Schenk

Sheriff Bill Gore
Supervisor Ron Roberts

Councilmember Kevin Faulconer

Mayor Cheryl Cox,

Chula Vista

Councilmember Dave

Roberts, Solana Beach

Hon. Bill Kolender

Hon. Greg Smith

Hon. Barbara Warden

Hon. Casey Gwinn

Mary Ball

Gerald Blank &

Mary Barranger

Vincent Bartolotta

Eve Benton

Laurie Black

Catherine Blair

Lynn Bruser

David Casey, Jr.

Morris Casuto

Jerry Coleman

Judy Copeland

Patrick Daniels

Kevin Tilden &

Philip Diamond, M.D.

Laura Jo Galinson &

Jane Fantel

Edward L. Fike

Murray & Elaine


Beth Gwinn

Lynne Heidel

Ric Horda

Bertrand Hug

William Johnson

Donna Jones

Kitty Juniper

Samuel & Suzanne


Linda Katz

Richard A. Katz

Cheryl Kendrick

Mitchell & Lynn


Richard Ledford

Jerrilyn Malana

Marla Marshall

Robert A. McNeely

Anthony Napoli

Bob Nelson

Barry & Denise Nussbaum

Scott Paine

Lorne Polger

Conrad Prebys

Larry & Cathy


Lynne Robbins

Joseph Roiha

Heather Rosing

Frederick Schenk

Bobbie Spoon

Kelly Spoon

Gael Strack

John & Sally Thornton

Chris Van Gorder

Lisa Sanders &

Meaghan Yaple

Mike Zarbo

I received this e-mail today for the Bonnie Dumanis fundraiser next week and couldn't help but notice a lot of high profile Democrats on her host committee. Now if this was 1981, I would understand because San Diego was very different back then and being a Dem in San Diego was like being Vegan in Omaha or a Republican in San Francisco. So I could understand that "go along, get along" mentality.

But it's 2011 and San Diego is a Democratic city. Thanks to demographics and outstanding outreach efforts from the Republican party like this and this. Oh and this, this and this and well I could go all day on that. However, even Republicans understand this shift which is why they are fighting City redistricting tooth and nail.

Yet these people think that if the Downtown establishment supports someone they are a surefire winner and maybe they can get some scraps after the victory buffet. And who cares that there are two very well qualified Democratic candidates like Bob Filner and Christine Kehoe. And who cares that Christine Kehoe and Bob FIlner were ardent supporters of LGBT rights when it wasn't cool and was dangerous. It's all about a backing a winner.

This kind of self defeating attitude is why the Republicans win. I don't care how many times John Kern keeps telling people that Bonnie's really a Democrat. In the end she is a Republican and so are you, John. So unless she re-registers it's a load of crap.

And for those of you who are buying this crap and then when you bitch about why Bonnie voted against you if she becomes Mayor. Why don't you look in the mirror and thank yourself for screwing up the City even more.

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