Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pension Campaign’s Signature Gatherer Assaults Truth Squad


Pension Campaign’s Signature Gatherer Assaults Truth Squad Republican Campaign Operative Caught on Tape, Police Report Filed

SAN DIEGO – (July 19, 2011) – In the latest dirty tactic employed by the Republican ballot measure campaigns, a paid signature gatherer threatened and ultimately inflicted physical harm on a member of the “Just Say No, San Diego” Truth Squad yesterday outside a Best Buy electronics store on Mission Center Road in Mission Valley.

Video of the attack was captured after a Truth Squad member witnessed the Republican signature gatherer threatening to hit his female partner. After making the threat, the signature gatherer tried flee, saw that his likeness was being recorded, lost his temper, and hit the Truth Squad member who was recording his threats. Though the punch was intended for the educator’s face, it landed on his cell phone.

The assailant fled the scene after the incident. No one was seriously hurt, although the act of violence was reported to the San Diego Police Department.

“It’s shameful of the Republican campaign to verbally intimidate and ultimately resort to violence against members of the public,” said Kyle Haverback, spokesman for Just Say No, San Diego, a committee created to correct deception in the ballot measure process. “One reason why America is so great is that we all understand violence has no place in our political system. Just because the Republican campaign can’t win a debate on the issues doesn’t give it the right to raise its fist and retaliate.”

Haverback continued, “This is part of a larger trend. There are numerous reports of signature gatherers physically threatening educators. These signature gatherers are so afraid of open conversation that they resort to physical intimidation and battery, and then run away.”

The Just Say No, San Diego campaign calls on the Republican campaign proposing the measure to turn over information about the assailant to the Police.

“To the politicians that have boasted about making themselves indistinguishable from this campaign, it’s your responsibility to bring this matter to justice,” Haverback said.

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The “Just Say No, San Diego” campaign is a project of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, which strives for more jobs, better jobs and better lives for all of San Diego’s workers, union and non-union. To learn more, visit

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