Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thanks Bonnie!

This latest twist in the Dumais for Mayor saga of her flip flopping on the 401(k) initiative shows that when you're about 10 months out she's already reached the ceiling of her campaign. She can't money, she can't get support so why not change the campaign direction and now go to the right and see if that frees up something. However, she's boxed herself in because now she can't go after any more Democrats for money or votes at this point and she has ceded that to Bob. She's also ceded Public Safety as well to Bob if they look around and say "Hey, once they do that, wouldn't they go after me?" which is very possible. As the three Republicans try to fight it out amongst themselves, each being a fading copy of the other. This leaves Bob as the true alternative to all three and has now made clear who would be the real candidate for changing City Hall. So thanks Bonnie! You have just made life a lot easier...


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