Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If so, then why were you not at Regulatory Relief Day?

Last night the City of San Diego held its first Regulatory Relief Day in a very long time. Businesses and residents came out to talk about how the city could improve their processes to help business. Business organizations have been overrunning everyone's in-boxes to turnout. It was billed as a major step for the City of San Diego to stimulate business, create new jobs, improve government and allow our economic base in the region to grow.

The economy has been front page issue from the national level all the way down to the local level. The political parties have been on all the stations on why their party is the party that is serious about turning around our government.

When it was time to show it is important here in San Diego, where the rubber hits the road, it is a little ironic Tony Krvaric, chair of the San Diego County Republican Party, and supposed business advocate instead of showing up to Regulatory Relief Day at San Diego City Hall to offer his supposed good ideas to turn around the city is instead hosting a political party money making stunt across town, asking people to pay to vote in a straw poll. Where were all his big ideas he has waited so long for a council to docket a meeting of this type for him to speak on improving City of San Diego? Serious business advocates showed up at the hearing.

So, the next time Krvaric tweets, Facebook status updates, blogs or talks to a reporter about how he really is so concerned about the state of our economy, businesses and the problems with government regulations, then your first question to him should be: If so, then why were you not at Regulatory Relief Day?

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