Thursday, July 19, 2012

Donna Frye Endorses Scott Peters for Congress


San Diego – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today announced that former San Diego City Councilmember Donna Frye has endorsed Peters in his bid for the new 52nd Congressional District. Peters is running to unseat 12-year- incumbent Rep. Brian Bilbray in the November General Election.

“Compare Scott Peters’ record to Brian Bilbray’s and there is no question Scott is by far the better candidate to send to Washington,” Frye said. “Scott will fight for equality, to protect our environment, and will work across party lines to get things done for us. That’s his record, and it is clearly not Brian’s,” she added.

Frye and Peters served together on the City Council from 2000-2008 where they worked together on many shared priorities, including reducing sewer spills on San Diego’s beaches, forming the City’s first Ethics Commission, and water recycling to help ensure a more reliable water supply.

"I first started working with Scott in the late ‘90s. We were working to get clean water legislation passed statewide, while Brian was in Congress voting against almost every piece of environmental legislation we supported,” said Frye. “Plus, you get to know a person pretty well working together on the 10ththfloor at City Hall, which is why I am endorsing him. I consider Scott a friend and I’m glad he’s willing to take on this tough fight ”

Peters said he is pleased and proud to have Frye’s support, and that her endorsement will mean a lot in this campaign.

“The voters know Donna is fiercely independent, will always speak her mind and give it to them straight,” he said. “The voters trust her so her endorsement is a tremendous help.”


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