Tuesday, July 17, 2012

June 5th election certified


Secretary of State Debra Bowen has announced certifying results from the June 5 primary.

She reports 5,328,296 registered voters, or 31.1% of those eligible, cast ballots. That turnout came close to the 28.2% record low for a statewide election set in June of 2008. Ballots cast by mail, however, set a record high at 65% of the total vote.

The previous vote-by-mail highwater mark of 62% came in the special election of May 2009. Sierra, Alpine and Amador Counties had the highest voter turnouts with 59.2%, 58.6% and 57.1% respectively. Bowen notes that Sierra and Alpine are the only counties in the state conducting elections entirely by mail.

The lowest turnout counties were Los Angeles (21.8%), San Bernardino (23.7%) and Orange (26.5%).

Bowen says more county-by-county data and the entire collection of certified results may be found on her website here.

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