Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Diego Labor Council asks Comic-Con attendees to “Thank a Superhero Worker”


SAN DIEGO - As San Diego welcomes more than 100,000 people to Comic-Con 2012, the Labor Council is asking attendees to remember to thank the superhero workers that are making sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great time in San Diego.

Too often it's easy to overlook all the hard work that goes on to put on an event this large. That's why representatives will be out distributing ‘Thank a Superhero Worker’ stickers, sharing photos and reactions, and making sure that the small army that makes Comic-Con go isn't overlooked during all the celebration.

That includes the San Diego Convention Center decorators, electricians, stagehands, banquet servers, hotel workers, janitors, parking lot attendants and more who keep the show running.

It also means all the workers outside the Convention Center, like the restaurant workers, taxi cab drivers, pedicab operators, and valets that make sure the fun and the benefits of Comic-Con spread throughout San Diego. They're all ambassadors for our city, and they do an amazing job year after year making Comic-Con a wonderful experience for everyone.

"We're always excited to welcome the tens of thousands of Comic-Con attendees to San Diego," said Lorena Gonzalez, Secretary-Treasurer of the San Diego Labor Council. "This year, we also want to highlight all the workers that do so much to bring everyone such a great event. Work connects us all, and these workers deserve thanks for all their hard work to make Comic-Con possible."

San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council
The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO represents more than 192,000 union workers in the region and advocates for an economy with more jobs, better jobs and better lives for all workers in the region - union and non-union.


Larry Saunders said...
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Larry Saunders said...

It is a very nice thought from the organizers. These are the unsung superheroes of many events that are never given credit. From the sanitary to the people who operate the hitachi power tools australia, they made comic con a smashing success.