Monday, July 9, 2012

Statement from Scott Peters Regarding Lori Saldaña’s endorsement


San Diego - This afternoon, candidate Scott Peters, who is running against Rep. Brian Bilbray in the new 52nd Congressional District, issued the following statement regarding the endorsement of his Democratic opponent in the primary election:

“I thank Ms. Saldaña for the endorsement and well wishes she issued on Friday. Her support is very much appreciated and needed as we take on the bigger fight ahead against entrenched incumbent Brian Bilbray.

"Mr. Bilbray has spent 17 years working within the Beltway – so long he’s forgotten that the people who need government to work the most are the working families, seniors and veterans who make up the middle class, not the high-powered corporate special interests whose priorities he’s put ahead of theirs.

"I again congratulate Ms. Saldaña on running a tough campaign, and I look forward to working on the priorities we share.”


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