Friday, October 12, 2012

EHC: Vote For a Mayor Who Supports Our Families

Filner Pledges Support To Improve Neighborhoods
DeMaio Affirms Support For Polluting Businesses

At a KPBS debate last week, Bob Filner stood with the residents of Barrio Logan by supporting an update to the Community Plan that will separate polluting businesses from schools and homes.

His opponent, on the other hand, expressed concern about the update, highlighting his support of polluting businesses in our neighborhoods.

This is why EHJC endorses Bob Filner for mayor.

After 30 years of discriminatory land use and harmful mixed-use zoning, we must elect a mayor who stands with the residents of Barrio Logan. Bob Filner supports both waterfront industrial jobs AND clean air for Barrio Logan residents. 

Vote on November 6, join us at our October 15 event, and volunteer to help us elect a mayor who knows our communities and listens to us. Together we can take back our city.

Thank you,

Diane Takvorian
Executive Director

What Can You Do?

 1.    Register to Vote and vote on Nov 6
 2.    Vote YES on Prop 39
 3.    Vote for Bob Filner for Mayor of San Diego
 4.    Visit for our 2012 Voter Guide and volunteer to rock the vote  

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