Saturday, October 13, 2012

Labor Council Recommendations

Mail ballots are already starting to arrive and Election Day is right around the corner. Before you vote, make sure you check the list of Labor Council endorsements throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties!

Now it's our turn to support working families by voting for the candidates and issues that will support more jobs, better jobs and better lives for our region’s workforce.

President - Barack Obama
Congressional District 49 - Jerry Tetalman
Congressional District 50 - No Endorsement
Congressional District 51 - Juan Vargas
Congressional District 52 - Scott Peters
Congressional District 53 - Susan Davis

State of California Ballot Measures:
Proposition 30 - Yes
Proposition 31 - No
Proposition 32 - No
Proposition 33 - No
Proposition 34 - Yes
Proposition 35 - Yes
Proposition 36 - Yes
Proposition 37 - Yes
Proposition 38 - No
Proposition 39 - Yes
Proposition 40 - Yes

State of California Legislature:

Senate District 39 - Marty Block
Assembly District 56 - Manuel Perez
Assembly District 71 - Patrick Hurley
Assembly District 75 - Matthew Herold
Assembly District 76 - No Endorsement
Assembly District 77 - No Endorsement
Assembly District 78 - Toni Atkins
Assembly District 79 – Shirley Weber
Assembly District 80 - Ben Hueso

San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 3 - Dave Roberts

San Diego Mayor - Bob Filner
San Diego City Council, District 1 - No Endorsement
Chula Vista City Council, Seat 3 - Pamela Bensoussan
Chula Vista City Council, Seat 4 - Mary Salas
El Cajon City Council - Ben Kalasho
Escondido City Council - Olga Diaz
Imperial Beach City Council - Bobby Patton
La Mesa City Council - Patrick Dean
Lemon Grove City Council - George Gastil and Racquel Vasquez
National City City Council - Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
Oceanside Mayor - Jim Wood
Oceanside City Council - Esther Sanchez
Vista City Council - Cody Campbell

School Boards:
Cajon Valley Union School District Board - Ken Jensen and Suzanne Mullins
Calexico Unified School District Board - Ben Horton and Antonio Valenzuela
Cardiff School District Board - Rick Cassar
Central Union High School District Board - Peter Rodriguez
Chula Vista Elementary School District Board, Seat 4 - Glendora Tremper
Coronado Unified School District Board - Scott Barr
Escondido Union School Board, Area 1 - Jose Fragozo
Escondido Union School Board, Area 3 - Virginia Lopez
Grossmont Union High School District Board - Zach Miller
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District Board - Jay Steiger
Poway Unified School Board - Kimberley Beatty
San Diego Unified School District, Seat A - John Lee Evans
San Diego Unified School District, Seat D - Richard Barrera
San Diego Unified School District, Seat E - Marne Foster
San Ysidro School District Board - Antonio Martinez
South Bay Union School District Board - Cheryl Quinones
Sweetwater Union High School Board, District 4 - Bertha Lopez
Vista Unified School District Board - Richard Alderson

College Boards:
MiraCosta College District Board - Jacqueline Simon
Palomar Community College District Board - John Halcon, Nancy Ann Hensch, and Roberto Rodriguez
San Diego Community College, District B - Bernie Rhinerson
Southwestern College Board, Seat 1 - William Stewart
Southwestern College Board, Seat 3 - Humberto Peraza


Superior Court Judge, Seat 25 - No Endorsement

Special Districts:
Helix Water District, Division 3 - Lori Kern
Imperial Irrigation District Board, Division 2 - John Pierre Menvielle
Imperial Irrigation District Board, Division 4 - Stella Mendoza
Imperial Irrigation District Board, Division 5 - Norma Sierra Galindo
Lakeside Fire Protection District - Ron Adams and Jim Bingham
Otay Water District Board, Seat 2 - Mitch Thompson
Palomar Pomerado Healthcare District Board - Jeff Griffith
South Bay Irrigation District, Seat 3 - Jose Preciado
South Bay Irrigation District, Seat 5 - Ernesto Zamudio
Tri-City Healthcare District Board - Charlene Anderson, George Coulter and Rosemarie Reno

Local Ballot Measures:

City of Carlsbad Proposition A - No
City of Chula Vista Proposition B - Yes
Cajon Valley Union School District Proposition C - Yes
Dehesa School District Proposition D - Yes
Chula Vista Elementary School District Proposition E - Yes
City of Coronado Proposition F - Yes
Mountain Empire School District Proposition G - Yes
City of Del Mar Proposition H - Yes
City of Del Mar Proposition J - Yes
City of Encinitas Proposition K - Yes
City of Encinitas Proposition L - No
City of Encinitas Proposition M - Yes
City of Escondido Proposition N - No
City of Escondido Proposition P - No
City of Lemon Grove Proposition Q - No
Ramona Unified School District Proposition R - Yes
City of Imperial Beach Proposition S - Yes
City of Lemon Grove Proposition T - Yes
City of Santee Proposition U - Yes
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Proposition V - Yes
City of Solana Beach Proposition W - Yes
South Bay Union School District Proposition Y - Yes
San Diego Unified School District Proposition Z - Yes
San Dieguito Union High School District Proposition AA - Yes
Bonsall Union School District Proposition BB - No Position
Del Mar Union School District Proposition CC - Yes
MiraCosta Community College District Proposition EE - Yes
Brawley Elementary School District Proposition S - Yes
Coachella Valley Unified School District Proposition X - Yes


Chris Bernstien said...

The 729 on death row murdered at least 1,279 people, with 230 children. 43 were police officers. 211 were raped, 319 were robbed, 66 were killed in execution style, and 47 were tortured. 11 murdered other inmates.

The arguments in support of Pro. 34, the ballot measure to abolish the death penalty, are exaggerated at best and, in most cases, misleading and false.

No “savings.” Alleged savings ignore increased life-time medical costs for aging inmates and require decreased security levels and housing 2-3 inmates per cell rather than one. Rather than spending 23 hours/day in their cell, inmates will be required to work. These changes will lead to increased violence for other inmates and guards and prove unworkable for these killers. Also, without the death penalty, the lack of incentive to plead the case to avoid the death penalty will lead to more trial and related costs and appeals.

No “accountability.” Max earnings for any inmate would amount to $383/year (assuming 100% of earnings went to victims), divided by number of qualifying victims. Hardly accounts for murdering a loved one.

No “full enforcement” as 729 inmates do not receive penalty given them by jurors. Also, for the 34,000 inmates serving life sentences, there will be NO increased penalty for killing a guard or another inmate. They’re already serving a life sentence.

Efforts are also being made to get rid of life sentences. (Human Rights Watch, Old Behind Bars, 2012.) This would lead to possible paroles for not only the 729 on death row, but the 34,000 others serving life sentences. On 9/30/12, Brown passed the first step, signing a bill to allow 309 inmates with life sentences for murder to be paroled after serving as little as 15 years. Life without parole is meaningless. Remember Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan. Convicted killers get out and kill again, such as Darryl Thomas Kemp, Kenneth Allen McDuff, and Bennie Demps.

Arguments of innocence bogus. Can’t identify one innocent person executed in CA. Can’t identify one person on CA’s death row who has exhausted his appeals and has a plausible claim of innocence. See

8e35366e-d44e-11e1-bc28-000bcdca4d7a said...

Prop 33 is utterly ludicrous. Insurers are under NO OBLIGATION to provide "loyalty discounts" to anybody. They do it because they've found it helps them retain customers. Folks, you don't "get" auto insurance. If you want to drive, you have to buy it. It's a fee for service. Want to switch to another company that's giving you a better discount or who has better customer service? Go right ahead! Insurers don't owe you anything, and neither does the State of CA. If you don't pay your premium, because you've lost a job or decide to join the military (yes, we still have an all-volunteer force), why shouldn't you lose your coverage? You haven't had insurance before, and are buying it for the first time and are worried that your premium will be higher? Why shouldn't it? It's called risk. And people, wake up and think for yourself. It doesn't matter who is funding this. Every proposition in this state is funded by somebody with deep pockets.

- James Shaffer

Joe Vargo said...

Thank you for these recommendations. I will take them to heart. Found you from a post on VOSD, their not reporting objectively any more. Shame.

Joe Vargo said...

Thank you for these recommendations. I will take them to heart. Found you from a post on VOSD, their not reporting objectively any more. Shame.