Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Millionaire Bilbray Takes $174K Taxpayer-Funded Salary & 2 Pensions, Criticizes Peters for Giving His Pension to Fund Libraries

San Diego – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today pointed out the plain hypocrisy of Brian Bilbray’s latest false attack on Peters. In a recent attack ad, the Bilbray camp criticizes Peters for receiving a “taxpayer funded pension.” The truth: Peters donates every penny of the city pension he earned as a member of the City Council – and more -- back to the City of San Diego to fund public libraries.

“Scott doesn’t keep a penny of his City pension; he pays taxes on it and then gives it back to the City to fund public libraries,” said Peters Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar.

“Brian Bilbray collects two taxpayer funded pensions, plus a taxpayer-funded salary, and he knows Scott doesn’t keep his pension, yet he criticizes him for it anyway,” she added. “Brian Bilbray has played fast and loose with the truth this entire campaign and thinks no one will notice. We expect better from a 12-year member of Congress.”

Bilbray, who frequently attempts to cast himself as “working class,” and called himself “poor” on a televised debate earlier this year, collects a $174,000 annual salary, plus two taxpayer funded pensions totaling nearly $29,000. In addition, according to Bilbray’s Personal Financial Disclosure Statement and property records, he holds interests in property valued at $4.5 million and other assets worth almost $1 million.

“Mr. Bilbray is a millionaire who wants to end tax breaks for the middle class in order to give tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires and profitable oil companies, yet he has the audacity to criticize Peters for receiving a pension he gives back,” said Pintar.

“Mr. Bilbray has two taxpayer funded pensions and Congressional health care for life. He’s all set. Yet he voted to privatize Social Security and to essentially end Medicare for America’s seniors on a fixed income. Clearly he has the wrong priorities,” she said.

Bilbray has also voted repeatedly to support privatizing Social Security, to end Medicare as we know it, and to charge seniors up to $6,400 a year more for their health care.

Peters is backed in this election by high profile Republicans, Democrats, independents, three former Chairs of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, as well as the region’s and the nation’s leading worker advocates.

To get the facts on the race for the 52nd Congressional District, go to www.truthcrewCA52.tumblr.com.


Bilbray Has Interest in Nearly $5 Million Worth of Property, Salary, Pensions And Assets – Failed to Disclose What His Wife Made in 2011

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Vin Polaski said...

Situation is no different from payroll outsourcing where branches outside the mother country develops an autonomy that diverts intended funds to other ventures.

Unknown said...

This is great. At least far from the usual gold sovereigns-like people who are into money, money, money. Oh, and did I mention money?