Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chair Francine Busby's Statement on Republican "Post-Mortem"

Today the Republican National Committee released a report reviewing the Party’s failures in 2012 and promising “a path forward” to win future elections. San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Francine Busby issued this statement in response:

"After losing seats in both houses of Congress last year and losing the presidency by an electoral vote landslide, the Republican Party had a chance to honestly reexamine its extremist policies and commit to representing the whole country, not just the conservative base.

"But the only thing today’s report gets right is the assessment of the Republican Party by its own focus groups, who called it 'out of touch,' 'narrow-minded,' and a Party of 'stuffy old men.'

"Last year the Republicans actually made their platform even more extreme, calling for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and the criminalization of abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or a mother’s safety.

"As long as the Republican Party continues to oppose reproductive rights, same-sex marriage, climate science, and policies that respect America's diversity, its plans for a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign to women, youth, and people of color won’t accomplish a thing.

"The Republicans’ fundamental problem isn’t style. It’s substance. Growing majorities of Americans don’t want to buy what they’re selling, no matter how it’s packaged.

"That’s why President Barack Obama has won a majority here in San Diego County two elections in a row. And that’s why Democrats outnumber Republicans in our county by a greater margin now than any in decades.

"San Diego Democrats will continue to earn that vote of confidence, build on it, and translate it into electoral successes at every level. We don't need a focus group to know why we're the Party of the present -- and of the future."

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