Monday, October 7, 2013

Carl DeMaio’s Model Legislator: Senator Ted Cruz

As the government shutdown continues to hurt San Diego workers and businesses, Carl DeMaio compared himself to the architect of the crisis, Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz, holding him up as someone who “can make a difference.” While San Diegans and people across the country look for responsible solutions to the shutdown, Carl DeMaio promises more of Senator Cruz’s radical approach.

“The only difference Ted Cruz is making is irresponsibly shutting down the government with his reckless antics, but Carl DeMaio is holding him up as a model for how to behave in Washington,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Senator Cruz has been the leader of the reckless push to shut down the government, and Carl DeMaio will be a loyal foot soldier pushing these irresponsible crises – that’s not the kind of leadership San Diego wants.”


DeMaio Compares Himself to Ted Cruz. On Tuesday at the San Diego Lions Club, when asked how as a junior congressman he would be able to change Washington, DeMaio pointed to Ted Cruz as an example saying “Take a look at what Ted Cruz is doing. Freshman Senator, he’s certainly creating a lot of stir. So I do believe one individual can make a difference. And it’s a question of whether you are willing to stand your ground.” [San Diego Lions Club Video 4, 10/1/13]

House Republicans Credit Ted Cruz for Government Shutdown.  “House Republicans give one person the most credit for bringing Congress to its current standoff over funding for the federal government: Ted Cruz […] Many lawmakers said they would have been here had it not been for the junior Senator from Texas.” [Huffington Post,  9/29/13]

“Cruz: Tie Debt-Ceiling Rise to Obamacare Changes.” “Sen. Ted Cruz says legislation raising the debt ceiling is among the best leverage that Congress has to rein in the White House and should include changes to the nation's new health insurance system. The Texas Republican said Sunday in addition to what he calls "Obamacare," Republicans should also look for a "significant" plan to reduce new spending and avoiding new taxes.” [AP, 10/06/13]

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