Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jorgensen Backs Tea Party Strategy Threatening Economic Meltdown While DeMaio Stays Silent

Even as the consequences of the government shutdown are felt throughout San Diego, Marine veteran Kirk Jorgensen wants to compound the irresponsible Tea Party crisis and default on the country’s debt, risking another major recession.

At the same time, candidate Carl DeMaio, who once called a press conference to announce he was signing a petition, still won’t say whether he would vote for the ongoing shutdown or the looming default crisis. On the most important issue facing San Diego and the country, Carl DeMaio refuses to tell people where he would stand.

“Both Kirk Jorgensen and Carl DeMaio are failing critical tests of responsible leadership,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Kirk Jorgensen is pushing reckless Tea Party approaches that threaten America’s economy, and Carl DeMaio refuses to tell San Diegans where he stands during this reckless shutdown. San Diego needs real leaders who will solve our problems, not Kirk Jorgensen to make our challenges worse or Carl DeMaio to duck tough issues.”


Jorgensen Backs Extreme Position to Not Raise Debt Ceiling Without Concessions. On October 8, 2013, Jorgensen posted on his Facebook that Congress should not raise the debt ceiling without “immediate spending cuts.” [Kirk Jorgensen Facebook, 10/08/13]

“Republicans Ignore Calls from Business Community Raise the Debt Ceiling Now and Pass Reforms Later.” “Business leaders are increasingly warning Republicans that their refusal to lift the nation's ability to borrow more money could badly damage the economy, but the GOP, under ferocious pressure from conservatives to force budget concessions from President Barack Obama, are standing their ground. While business groups acknowledge that major bills like the debt ceiling have historically offered opportunities for major reform, they are pressing lawmakers not to take their negotiations past the Oct. 17 date set by the Treasury Department that could risk default.” [Yahoo News, 10/08/13]

“Debt Ceiling Debacle is No Big Deal to Tea Party Republicans.” “The biggest threat facing the United States today may be the monumental ignorance of the tea party Republicans who have captured the once-great Republican Party. While economists and financial experts on Wall Street are uniformly warning that failure to raise the nation’s debt ceiling would be a catastrophe that would send world stock markets into a nose dive, members of the tea party caucus in Congress are insisting it would be no big deal at all.” [Los Angeles Times, 10/09/13]

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Flying Junior said...

DeMaio is nothing but an agitator. That son-of-a-bitch is still leaving robocall/messages on my landline that pretend to be a live person.

Worse than that, the cocksucker was out at the local VONS again. He is less relevant than even Bilbray. Somebody must be paying him to stay in the public spotlight.