Thursday, January 16, 2014

Carl DeMaio Continues to Play Follow the Leader on Scott Peters’ Reform Proposals

Once again, Carl DeMaio is trying to claim credit for someone else’s ideas; this time, DeMaio is promoting an ad about “No Budget, No Pay,” an idea that Scott Peters championed and helped to pass. DeMaio has made it a habit to take credit for others’ work, and former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has pointed out this fact in the past.

“Carl DeMaio knows that his record of grandstanding, division, and a radical agenda won’t fly with San Diego voters, so once again he is trying to take credit for the good work others are doing,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Carl DeMaio needs to quit his dishonest tactics if he wants to win voters’ trust.”


January 2014: DeMaio Promoted “No Budget, No Pay” In A Web Ad.
In January 2014, DeMaio promoted “No Budget, No Pay” in an online advertisement. The ad stated the following: “’No Budget, No Pay.’ Permanently take away Congress’ pay for every day the budget is late.” [Fix Congress First YouTube ad, 1/15/14]
…But Peters Called for “No Budget, No Pay” Back In October 2012. In 2012
, then-candidate Scott Peters launched a 30-second television ad calling for “No Budget, No Pay” as a way to hold representatives accountable for doing their jobs and passing a federal budget. In the ad, Peters said, “It’s time Congress worked for us. I say – no budget, no pay.  If Congress doesn’t do their job and balance the budget – they don’t get a paycheck.” [Scott Peters for Congress press release, 10/20/12]

…And Voted for “No Budget, No Pay” In January 2013
. In 2013, Rep. Scott Peters voted for HR 325, which adopted a version of “No Budget, No Pay,” an initiative Peters declared his support for prior to being elected to Congress. In addition Peters co-sponsored HR 310, the No Budget, No Pay Act, which would stop Congressional pay if Congress fails to pass a budget on time. [HR 325, Vote # 30, 1/23/13; Rep. Scott Peters press release, 1/23/13]
Peters Co-Sponsored the Stop Pay for Members Act
In 2013, Rep. Peters co-sponsored the Stop Pay for Members Act, which would ensure that Members of Congress would not get paid if the U.S. defaulted on its debt. [HR 1884, Cosponsors, 9/27/13]

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