Friday, February 7, 2014

Fourth Time Still Might Not Be The Charm

Sunday night/Monday morning a candidate you can usually expect to see on a ballot in most elections seems might not be ready for another ballot so soon.
After a night of alcohol, Dwayne Crenshaw was caught sleeping behind his parked car's steering wheel by law enforcement.  When he was awaken by them, Crenshaw was allowed by police to call for a car service to be picked up.  After he and the police left, then it seems Crenshaw doubles back attempting to drive his car.  Oh, but not so fast Crenshaw.  Law enforcement saw his car, pulled him over, and took him into custody.   They tested him showing a result above the legal 0.08 alcohol level.  No charges have yet been leveled, but awaiting a decision from our esteemed city attorney.   

Interesting, Crenshaw is working to help his college buddy San Diego City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer for mayor, as we have seen and read in local papers and Facebook postings.  Many question whether Faulconer will distance himself from Crenshaw.   At this point Crenshaw is still featured on Faulconer's campaign social media.  In addition, Crenshaw was rumored to be seeking to challenge San Diego City Councilmember Myrtle Cole in her re-election this June.  Crenshaw had been a good solider for many of the Republican establishment in Faulconer's campaign and hoped they would again invest in his next election endeavor. It was suspected his lawsuit against Cole was part of his plan in challenging her and would be used in his campaign materials to attack her.
Now it seems with this arrest, Crenshaw and his new Republican allies will need to re-think his election bid and they will need to look for another pawn of the Lincoln Club and the downtown establishment.  We can still expect Crenshaw to seek an elected office in the not so near future.
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