Tuesday, May 20, 2014

FAKE Minimum Wage Petition in Circulation. Do NOT Sign!

Be careful! The person at the grocery store asking you to sign a minimum wage petition is a fraud! It EXEMPTS 93% of businesses in San Diego and invalidates the REAL Minimum Wage ordinance proposed by Council President Todd Gloria and supported by Raise Up San Diego.

There is no denying that this effort is a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and we ask that you not only avoid signing the petition but to  post on FB or twitter that you 'declined to sign' the measure because it does nothing to help San Diegans make ends meet. We can't let those who oppose a raise in the minimum wage to get away with their lies and deceptive tactics.

Please spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get 93% from? It protects local small business with less than 25 people. So mcdonalds, bk, kfc people will get a raise. While people working in your small coffee shop wont lose their job cause the company cant afford to pay them

Small Change, Smaller Business said...

I agree with both of you, sort of. It's not a totally clear cut issue, although generally I am completely supportive of any attempts to raise the minimum wage. Problem is, raise it all you want, but the question remains, small business owners might be seriously slammed by a generic raise, or universal raise. I personally would like to see a more nuanced approach, so that the city council's noble effort to relieve some of the wage slavery of San Diegans does not get killed in its cradle because it proves too much to bear for small businesses. Let's be honest, owners can often be much more generous, no matter how small they are, but it IS still something to consider: due to their human nature and obstacles to hurdle, do we want THEM joining the ranks of the minimum wage earners, because they are not apt enough to run their business AND absorb the bigger payrolls. Many are good enough business people to navigate all that, but I imagine a significant increase over the next few years might be very challenging to many of them. Ergo, I would like to see, for example, the option for small business owners who can't handle the increase to apply for some kind of relief, and have Walmart subsidize it. Just kidding, but I wish I weren't. In anything like a just economy, a Walmart brood that has more wealth than the 150 million poorest Americans, should have to help out smaller businesses with breaks and incentives. Just sayin'. Fair is fair, don't put it on the backs of the smaller businesses struggling to solidify, and certainly NOT on the wage slaves, but have the Waltons pick up some of the tab, and their ilk do the same. That would solve the problems of destabilization we will have to face. But, in This Great Land of Ours, it's going to be people at or near the bottom who will have to tough it out. Not the people who could easily afford it, and solve whatever problems may arise. That said, I don't see why this can't go on the ballot. The petitioners are not asking you to vote FOR it, they're just asking you to sign it. To put it before the voters. That seems fair enough. The progressive element, with whom I side nonetheless, are saying all over the web that the petitioners are trying to trick you into invalidating the minimum wage legislation just approved by the City Council, and are misrepresenting things. That's not really true. They are just collecting signatures to put it on the ballot. By the voters roundly rejecting it, in a coming vote, we will see a City Council process that is ratified by the people's vote, as will probably be the case. Propaganda from both sides aside, it is not that inappropriate to vote on it, although we can surely understand the grievances of wage slaves who have suffered long, long, long enough, not wanting to delay any longer. That's a given!