Friday, May 16, 2014

Speaker Atkins Calls on San Diegans to Say Yes to Propositions B & C to Protect Community Planning

May 16, 2014, LA JOLLA – Today, a coalition of leaders including the Speaker of the Assembly and chairman of the local community planning group gathered in La Jolla, announcing their support of propositions B and C on the June 5 ballot, all warning that the democratic and community process could be threatened if propositions B and C fail.

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and La Jolla Community Planning Group Chair Joe LaCava were joined by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and City Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner calling on San Diegans to preserve community planning process and support propositions B and C. Although not in attendance, Senator Marty Block sent his support of the propositions as well.

Speaker Atkins warned that if the shipyard industry gets their way, the results would have city and state-wide implications, setting a dangerous precedent and usurping future community planning efforts.

"I urge voters to say Yes to B and C," said Speaker Atkins. "Say yes to safe and healthy neighborhoods.  Say yes to the democratic process."

At the state level, California relies on the General Plan processes to advance sustainable development goals throughout the state. The existing laws encourage collaborative and comprehensive land-use planning with goals of protecting the environment, maintaining a healthy economy, and ensuring equitable treatment of all people, including the children of San Diego.

"My kids, like all kids in San Diego, deserve to live and play in a neighborhood with clean air. After years and years of planning, Propositions B and C will help keep kids in my community healthy by preventing polluting industries from operating inside our residential neighborhoods,” said Assemblywoman Gonzalez. “It's time San Diego stands up for the health of our children by passing Propositions B and C."

From the state level to here in San Diego, community planning processes are an integral component to achieving the sustainable development goals of the state.

The community planning process is open, inclusive and works to balance the varied needs within a community. To negate the worth of this process through a referendum threatens the state's goals.

Residents and business owners in Barrio Logan, La Jolla and everywhere in between, all depend on the integrity of community participation in dictating how neighborhoods grow.

I urge all San Diegans to vote ‘yes’ on Propositions B and C this June to support community planning for the health and well being of our families and businesses,” said Council President Pro Tem Lightner.  “By supporting B and C, you are standing with all neighborhoods in San Diego to respect and protect the public planning process in our City.

Council President Pro Tem Lightner led many community groups and planning efforts before begin elected to the City Council.

LaCava, along with chairing his local community planning group in La Jolla, leads the citywide Community Planners Committee and is a business owner. He knows first-hand, the importance of neighborhood participation in community development.

We believe that the residents and business owners are best suited to create the right plan to preserve their community and guide its growth,” said LaCava. “This referendum is not about the Barrio Logan Plan it is about the integrity of the community planning process.”

LaCava further explained the implications of the propositions, saying that even though the propositions support the Barrio Logan community, La Jolla could be affected as well.

The location of the press event, at the Cuvier Club, is on the edge of La Jolla’s venerable Cultural Zone. This area was zoned to protect and preserve the churches, museums and other cultural facilities that are in prime locations on the coastline.

Preservation is often at odds with those who’d like to build on the coast, but the community has prevailed in preserving La Jolla's character.

Barrio Logan residents and businesses have decided the priorities for their neighborhood in the same manner that La Jolla residents have.
YES ON B & C: The San Diego City Council passed a community supported development plan for Barrio Logan that improves the health of neighborhoods and protects San Diego businesses.  Voting “Yes” on B & C will uphold the community’s plan to keep toxics, pollutants, carcinogens, and flammable chemicals, a safe distance away from schools, playgrounds and homes and increases jobs in our city. Protect our children’s health and vote “Yes” on B & C!

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