Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Marti Makes it Official

Just got a call from a friend who confirmed that Marti Emerald has officially filed papers to run for City Council, District 7. I am sure ethically-challenged April Boling is peeing her pants about now. I anticipate an UGLY campaign, since the downtown establishment will spend ever last cent of their developer money to try to attack the true-reformer Emerald. But, if anyone saw the 22-year retrospective on Marti that aired last night on KGTV, I doubt there is any about of money that can undo the fact that people know all of the positive change she has already made in San Diego.

Score one for the good guys.


For those who missed KGTV farewell to Marti click on the [Link] to watch it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! With Marti in the race and hopefully a credible Democrat in Seat 1 we may be able to pick up a seat in council. Can you imagine that? Six Democratic council members!! I smell Democratic mayor in 2012 or sooner if we get a great Dem in `08!

Anonymous said...

I think the KGTV piece dispeals any rumor that Marti and the television station are on anything, but good terms. As for the developers, they are going to trot out someone in her 20 years who she could resolve their issue. Lets look at April over the past 20 years and find someones account she messed up. Maybe we should just check with the IRS and the FPCC on her and her past practices.

Anonymous said...

Whatever!! Once District 7 voter get a whiff of radical Liberal, anti-American agenda they are going to send her packing!!