Tuesday, September 4, 2007

When Leadership is Lacking....

You can’t smoke at the beach, but it is okay to get drunk and start a riot. Courtesy of the UT today: “A melee broke out on the beach yesterday afternoon as people started throwing plastic bottles and cans at police officers who were called to break up a large fight.” Here is my favorite part, “Councilman Kevin Faulconer came to the beach and, after speaking with police officials, said he will re-examine the city's policy governing alcohol consumption at the beach, including restricting it or possibly banning it.”

Too bad, Councilman Faulconer didn’t show any real leadership earlier this year with his Beach Alcohol Task Force. Maybe, yesterday’s unfortunate events could have been avoided had some leadership been demonstrated. Councilman the voters elected you to lead! Not just to show up for photo ops and quotes in the UT after the police had to quell a riot.


Anonymous said...

No one argues that it is acceptable to walk down the street with an open beer. Why do people believe it is God-given right to have beer at the beach?

Hannitized, let me guess, "next they are going to come for our guns!"

Anonymous said...

God, you people make me sick. As long as it's not infinging on the right of gays or displaying offensive images, regulate everything else so that we all bow to the government for everything we need. After what America really needs is a Dictatorship of the state right?