Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When Leadership is Lacking ... Part II

Here’s a What If question. Suppose Councilman Kevin Faulconer had actually shown some real leadership early this year with the Alcohol Beach Task Force and tried to forge something more than the bland consensus that they ultimately came to regarding more restrooms and police patrols? Imagine if a trial alcohol ban for holiday weekends was proposed and put into effect. Then the unfortunate events on Monday, might have been avoided.

Alas that didn’t happen, and now the Councilman Faulconer proposes an alcohol ban on all city beaches. Wow, nice reversal Kevin! You have gone from an uninspiring ineffectual City Councilman to an overzealous opportunistic politician. For a person who made a career at Public Relations prior his election to City Council, I have to wonder if he was any good at his previous career in PR?

Councilman Faulconer you can hold all the press conferences you want. Even with your new friend the City Attorney Mike Aguirre about an alcohol ban. But when you had the opportunity to lead back in June you failed!


Anonymous said...

What an opportunistic ass!! This guy won by less than 400 votes. I'm sure those who voted for him in PB are really proud of their vote...

Anonymous said...

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