Saturday, November 17, 2007


As a person who reads blogs, newspapers, print media, watches television and listens to radio I find it interesting on what will make people offer their two cents. Whether it is sending a letter to the editor, posting a blog comment, e-mailing a television station or calling a radio host these people have a strong adverse reaction to what they hear or see and must let the “public” know it.

A friend the other day told to me how they read a blog posting, and then how many people commented on the posting and the various reactions the post received from people. People were very angry from both sides of the issue and for every response from one side the other grew more vicious and hostile or the side of issue jumped on the previous post. With the age of the blog, people now don't have to give their name and have this cloak of secrecy where they can hide and say anything they like, without the threat/ fear of someone knowing who they really are or any possible repercussions.

Recently, it seems some blog sites have taken it to another level. I was reading a blog postings about some politician. The comments on the posting had gotten so bad or away from the point of the posting that the person controlling the blog 1st threaten to sensor comments, then deleted comments and finally blocked computer IP addresses. People even changed computers, when their computer IP address were blocked, to continue their comments. What I found interesting was the controller of the blog said their blog was not an area of free speech and if someone wanted that freedom, then start your own blog.

People have a strong desire to comment on what they see as just or unjust. To what level do people have the freedom to express themself or suppress someone else?


Anonymous said...

Good thing this blog doesn't have to worry about people leaving inflammatory comments.

Or any comments, really.

Jon Timmons said...

Thank you for your Red County type comments here.

I saw your comments where you insulted National University graduates, and then another where you asked people to call you crazy.

Anonymous said...

I think a person who run blogs have the right to allow anyone to post or delete what they feel they don't want posted.

Anonymous said...

As the publisher of this blog, and the only one who can delete comments I think I have been very judicious. I have only deleted two comments. One for the use of vulgarity and the other because they personally attack another poster on this blog.

Anonymous said...

From experience on other message boards: Just because you post anonymously it does not give you the right to libel someone. The publisher and the poster can still be sued.

I understand the need to freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean the publisher should risk being sued for libel.

It boils down to this: If you don't like how a blog is being run, start your own.