Monday, January 7, 2008

Evan McLaughlin Named Political Director of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council

The San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council has hired award-winning political reporter Evan McLaughlin as its new political director.

McLaughlin, who covered San Diego City Hall and local politics for since 2005, fills the position vacated by Lorena Gonzalez. Gonzalez was unanimously named secretary-treasurer of the Labor Council last month.

“I’m excited for this opportunity,” said McLaughlin. “For the last three years I was fortunate enough to learn about the region’s government. This position is a natural extension of that work.”

Several media groups, including the San Diego Press Club and the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, have recognized McLaughlin for his political reporting.

McLaughlin’s hiring is the only notable change in the Labor Council under the leadership of Gonzalez.

“We had a lot of great candidates interested in the position,” said Gonzalez. “It was a tough decision for our executive board’s hiring committee, but Evan’s experience made him the clear choice.”

A graduate of UCSD, McLaughlin interned for Rep. Pete Stark (D – Calif.) and Stephens Media Group’s Washington bureau.

The San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council is a coalition of 119 local unions that represent 120,000 working families in the region. The Labor Council strives to ensure that all workers in the region earn a fair wage and health care for their families.


CP said...

This guy was one of the best reporters in San Diego. Really. I didn't know he was going to get into the other side of the game, but I'm sure the labor community will be well-served.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Another Labor Council leader with no business or labor relations experience. Along with Lorena we can only look forward to shrill partisanship, cow-towing to trial attorneys and other polarizing politics. At a time when the US is losing blue-collar jobs, our labor leaders are being dumbed-down to fight for more of the same socialist polities to bailout bankrupt labor and business problems. These ruderless leaders are swirling labor unions down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Horatio, why would Labor want PD on their side who knows the ins and outs of San Diego City government? God forbid the organization bring in people to expand the movement.

Stew said...

I believe he will be a good leader considering his credentials and experience. We at Chula Vista are looking forward to the reforms that he will initiate to improve our organization further. sacramento estate planning attorney