Saturday, January 5, 2008

Smoking Crack over at Red County

I saw this post from a Mr. Murphy over at Red County regarding the local Democratic Party and City Attorney Mike Aguirre. In his post Mr Murphy asserts:

Over the past couple of weeks there has been some discussion inside the Democrat Party about the endorsement - or lack thereof - of Democrat City Attorney Mike Aguirre. If it happens, it isn't going to be soon. There was some thought among Democrat leaders to put the issue back up for discussion in January or February.[Link]

Now I don't know where Mr. Murphy gets his information from, but I can tell you from people I know who serve on the Executive Board of the county Democratic Party Central Committee what they have told me. Since Mike Aguirre failed to get the early incumbent endorsement the subject of another vote for him has not been on either the December or January meeting agendas. I'm told that Aguirre's next opportunity for the Democratic Party endorsement will be in March, when the other Democrats in the race for City Attorney will also get to go before the central committee for the endorsement.


Anonymous said...

I still don't think he'll get the endorsement. As for Red County doing crack, I think meth is the preferred substance of choice for the red areas of San Diego county. That would explain the ability to teleport oneself invisibly into meeting of the Democratic Party leadership.

Anonymous said...

I hear the firefighters, police, and other public employees are going to picket Aguirre at the Democratic meeting on Tuesday... is he even scheduled to show up? I would pay to see a live stand-off between Ron Sathof and Mike Aguire.

Anonymous said...

I always love it when Red County tries to take you inside the Democratic Party(by the way I love how the Rethugs always forget that "ic" at the end) or the Labor Council. It's always wrong to the point of being ludicrous. Do they even know what or who their talking about?