Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OC Residents to Drink Treated Sewage

This morning's LA Times has an article regarding the Orange County Water District's $490 million sewage filtration treatment facility that is awaiting final approval from state health officials before it goes online later this month. The facility will purify effluent from a neighboring treatment plant, and then pump it into the groundwater basin that the county's 2.3 million residents draw their water from.[Link]

When the plant is fully operational, it will be able to reclaim 130 million gallons of water that would other wise be release into the ocean.
Officials say the final product is as clean as distilled water and so pure that lime has to be added to it to keep it from leaching minerals out of concrete pipes, thus weakening them.[Link]
It is nice to see that the folks up in the O.C. are willing to invest in the proven technology to augment our dwindling water supplies. Mayor Sanders could learn a thing or two from the folks up in the O.C.

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