Tuesday, February 5, 2008

California Republican Party's Latino Outreach Secret Weapon

On KPBS's evening election report they asked what today's election results meant for the California Republican Party of Chairman Ron Nehring. During his re-cap he unrolled the Party's secret weapon to help bring Latino voters back into the Republican fold, Luis Acle.

San Diegians should make a double take, including Republicans. We should all remember Acle failed to pay his taxes, failed to pay his campaign manager and failed to pay his campaign bills. These are just the providen business facts, not the rumors or issues involving his personal life.

So, I don't think the California Republicans have a serious plan for Latino outreach.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. Not that. we're quaing at the prospect PLEEEEZEE!

Anonymous said...

Republicans have no one else, but Luis. Very sad, I almost feel bad for them, almost.