Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Steve Francis Shows up at Democratic Party Election Nite Event

I hear that mayoral candidate Steve Francis made a late appearance at the official San Diego County Democratic Party Election Nite Event. It was held at the Eagles Lodge in Hillcrest. From what I have been told about half the crowd had already gone home by the time Mr. Francis showed up, but that didn't prevent him from going around and working the room for votes. At one point he got into quite the discussion over virtues of outsourcing with a member of the Democratic Central Committee who happens to work for SEIU.

Memo to Steve Francis: The Annual County Democratic Party dinner is scheduled for Saturday night April 12th. I'm sure they wouldn't mind having you purchase a table or two for the dinner. I hear there is going to be a good speaker this year.

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Anonymous said...

and Steve sent out an e-mail blast telling all how he opposes the current Mayor's super majority veto overirde.