Sunday, February 3, 2008

What a Shock... Peters considering City Attorney Race!

So, the right wing blogs and the UT suddenly realized what those of us on the left have been talking about for weeks, Scott Peters is considering a run for City Attorney. I must admit, I was a little shocked by the "breaking news" aspect of this realization. I believe we had a post on it over a week ago. So let's fill in the gaps for those who just realized Scott may run.

1) It has been widely known that either Alan Bersin or Scott Peters would jump into the race. Labor and the Democratic Party have been talking about this for weeks, and the CTA folks have even been engaged. Peters has been seen as the clear choice for these groups, as Bersin is too polarizing.

2) Scott Peters actually sent an ambiguous note to the powerful San Diego Democratic Club a weak and a haf ago, asking them to stall the endorsement process until everyone was declared: it worked, the Club (like the Central Committee) voted no endorsement.

3) Every major Democratic constituency has held off on early endorsements for Aguirre. If you ask the players in most of those groups, I am sure they will admit they have had phone calls from a variety of elected officials, labor leaders, and even environmentalists pleading with them to hold off until Peters makes a difinitive decision.

4) Growing political thought even among those who like Mike, is Aguirre is doomed, and the moderate to left can't afford a Jan Goldsmith as City Attorney (remember Casey Gwinn?). So there has been a scramble to encourage Scott Peters to run. He ain't perfect, but he he is a Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :-(

Anonymous said...

Shocking indeed.

Anonymous said...

Scott Peters you better stay out.

I am still hoping the SEC files criminal charges against all council members and former mayors who defrauded all us by under funding the pension fund. Peters come on in to the race. Maybe Atkins, Madafer, and the other incompetents will jump in too. Lets make sure we end you careers in public service permanently by airing out all of you mistakes. None of you should be trusted with the public purse ever again.

I am a long life Democrat and a union member who supports Mike Aguirre. I am a relatively new employee to the city who will likely need to find new work because I only have six years of service and the benefits that my brothers and sisters will receive who have 15 years of service or more will bankrupt our city. I can not plan for my retirement as long as I stay here in this job. In this case-- my brothers and sisters--- what is good for the goose will not be good for the gander. I always thought collective bargaining was intended so serve all of us not just the senior union members or our elected leaders.

And the lovefest with Sanders needs to end. He is worse than Murphy. At least Murphy was not two faced with his positions. He knew he was lying right to our faces. Sanders believes that because he once wore a uniform he is infallible. I am sure its comfortable for him to go home to his million dollar home in Kensington with all of his pensions that we taxpayers are footing the bill for while he systematically works to end pension benefits for all of us who are new employees. Steve Francis..we need you like a hole in the head, but at least you won’t be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In Union,

City of San Diego Finance Department Employee

Anonymous said...

wow, looks like Mike Aguirre is blogging again.

Anonymous said...

Scott Peters is a joke. I was duped into believing he was some kind of environmentalist-minded Democrat when I voted for him for City Council many years ago. Turns out he is an arrogant, corporate asskisser who hates seals. With so-called Democrats like Scott Peters, who needs right-wing Republicans? Just say no to Scott Peters. The sooner we send this guy packing, the better! Real Democrats should not even give this guy the time of day.

Anonymous said...

As a Democrat, it is a hard pill to swallow. Scott Peters as our highest ranking Democrat in town, next to Mike Aguirre. Both make me want to throw up a little. That being said, Aguirre has been an embarrassment to our party. It has never been about Democratic principles for him, it has been about Mike. He will do anything / say anything if he thinks it will give him media exposure. He has had sexual harrassment claims against him, dragged his feet on Marriage Equality and made union workers into his punching bag. So, he has been good on the environment but totally ineffective.

On the other hand, Peters has been there on about 70% of Democratic issues. He has been horrible on seals, but great on water reclamation. He has been solid on union issues, even standing up to the Mayor on Wal-Mart. Also, lets not forget his unwavering position on marriage equality and needle exchange. He is even-tempered, and won't be an embarrassment to our party.

What we should really be talking about is how the local Democratic Party has done such a crappy job at getting us decent candidates for public office. Do they have a plan? Or will be choosing between Mike Aguirre and Scott Peter types for years to come?

Anonymous said...

I have defended Mike Aguirre for years against attacks from the both sides and the unions, but there comes a point where you have to say enough is enough.

I have come to this conclusion through some reflection. Mike wants to be a legislator or executive, not the City of San Diego's city attorney. You look at the offices he has previous been a candidate, then you look at what he has championed since being sworn into this office. He has not looked to correct the wrongs of the city's legal system or worked to provide guidence to our council, mayor or even the taxpayers. Instead he has been the town cryer, ringing the town bell over mudslides, fires and city funding.

Where was Mike putting in place a legal contract to hold the now famous Kroll Report from costing taxpayers over $20 million on a report which was first bid at $750,000?

Where was Mike at offering legal guidence on how the city holds businesses accountable on the Mayor's contracting out free for all?

Where was Mike on going after the companies that broke their contract on how they would meet the contractual requirements on a living wage?

Where was Mike on helping to explain the legality of the Big Box Ordiance to Donna Frye, so she did not back stab people to rid us of substandard paying jobs at the last minute and vote against it?

We need a city attorney who will not need the spotlight or grandstand of television (KUSI), the radio (Hedgecock), internet (Mike's own blog) or newsprint (Mike you need to work on this one).

Mike, this might be your "Last Hurrah" for city attorney. Read the book! It might have been short, but it sure was not sweet.

We still don't need another Witt (sorry Jan) or Gwinn (sorry Dan).