Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Healthcare Workers Respond

In a previous post regarding Sal Roselli as a hypocrite here is a response from healthcare workers to that post :

The response from SEIU-UHW, posted on their website [Link] shows there is a real debate.[Link]

In particular, long term care members of UHW's Executive Board responded that Tyrone Freeman of 6434 has "repeatedly refused to participate in developing a coordinated bargaining plan for the dozens of facilities operated by national and regional chains where both UHW and your local represent nursing home workers." [Link]

UHW's Convalescent Division Director John Vellardita's response to Freeman claims ongoing efforts and calls to coordinate bargaining with 6434. [Link]

These are real healthcare workers in a real debate.

There will be future posts regrading this debate as it continues.

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