Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday - Quick Hits

State Senator Ducheny has gone off the rials by proposing a bill that would strip the Coastal Commission of its ability to self-initiate appeals. NCTimes

City finances are getting a hard look by candidate. But is it a serious look. UT

Community of Potero trying to move past the Blackwater saga. UT

Another candidate jumps into the Acle held school board seat race. UT

D.A. will not investigate Art Madrid incident. UT

Residents taking the initiative to have their older neighborhoods designated historical districts to prevent misguided infill development. UT

Increase in home foreclosures are having a serious impact on housing market. UT

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Anonymous said...

Denise Ducheny owns land within the 30-foot Coastal Height Limit in the City of San Diego. This bill will help her break the 30-foot height limits for her own interests.

Scott Peters, Toni Atkins, and Ben Hueso all voted for Jerry Sanders loophole-filled version of Density Bonus. Only Donna Frye voted for the environment. Mike Aguirre wrote an alternate version of Density Bonus that followed state law and closed all the loopholes. Now all Density Bonus incentives are ministerial, over-the-counter review, not subject to CEQA, and do not have to pay for mitigation for fire, police, parks, etc.