Monday, May 12, 2008

The Republican Justice League?

I ask after a neighbor supplied me with their voter guide sent out by the local GOP.

It talks about some “Reform Team”, made up of Jerry Sanders, Carl DeMaio, Jan Goldsmith, and April Boling, that needs to be sent to City Hall in order to thwart the interests of “special interest union bosses” that “have created a financial crisis with gold-plated pension benefits.”

I realize that a steady diet of FOX and wanting to believe that Bush was the right choice in 2004 lends itself to cognitive dissonance but I can’t think of any reality-based rational for labeling these four a “reform team.”

Oh please. Reform? We’ve had four years and all I’ve seen a poll-driven popularity seeker. People in his own party should remind him that “fees” can be interpreted as “taxes” and, like Golding before him, he’s not making any real changes lest he be responsible for a dip in his popularity numbers. Changes need to happen and the last four years seem to show a pattern of avoiding any meaningful reform beyond the cosmetic.

Neo-libertarianism is not reform. DeMaio’s style of reform would have farmed out our police to Blackwater. That was an extreme example but a guy who started out feeding from the government trough has no right to bash it. Wanting to make a living again from the government while selling it off is not governing. I guess it is reform for those who liked Newt and Reagan.

Yes, he is not Mike so that is reform of a sort. I just don’t see Jan doing much other that being another Casey Gwinn. His tenure in the State Assembly has become forgettable and I’m still not sure what a guy like him is doing in a race like this. His plans read more like a PowerPoint slide than a guide to action. If the GOP wanted a warm body to run, they could have done better.

Out of many issues, I’ll choose one: Mayor Murphy’s Blue Ribbon Commission. If your idea of reform is downplay the severity of the problems in which you were tasked to address because they might be really bad, then you’re better off in the fantasyland of your mind. For a CPA to take part in this deception is beyond the pale. She’s been on just about every Republican campaign as an accountant so she has plenty of chits to call in. You have an idea of how reform minded she’ll be.

I just don’t see this GOP Justice League hanging out socially let alone reforming the city in a positive fashion.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! What you said.

Anonymous said...

Reform Team. Those Four. That's funny