Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday - Quick Hits

At a PUC hearing in Borrego Springs last night hundreds showed up to protest the Sunrise Powerlink. UT

Council and mayor cannot agree on labor contract, so it is headed to the voters. UT

Court ruling is forcing County Medical Services to cover a larger share of the uninsure. UT

MTS and bus driver union reach an agreement on a five-year contract. UT

County board to consider the merger of two East County fire districts. UT

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Anonymous said...

What is happening to Donna Frye? She voted with the mayor to impose the mayor's horrible idea to declare an impasse and impose a contract on them. She was the only silly face in the republican corner. First wal-mart, now this? Count me out of going to the Whitburn fundraiser tomorrow. Anyone who proudly touts her endorsement is just plain dumb. She isn't a democrat.