Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gimme a break!

Yeah and I'm not talking about the 80's sitcom starring Nell Carter and that adorable Joey Lawrence. So I guess the geniuses in the Chargers front offices decided to get Charger fans to start panicking by starting to market themselves to football fans in the OC and LA County. So now every evening news program led off with this amazing news. Now just because the City of Industry decided to a approve a $500 billion bond sale for a stadium doesn't mean that the Chargers are going. I mean have you been to the City of Industry? This is the same city that counted mental patients as part of their population in order to incorporate. (It was either them or Commerce, I forget it's in City of Quartz it's a recommended read) So yeah let's put the Chargers there! I mean really of all the things to worry about; the worst economic crisis in decades (Thanks W and GOP!) Two wars, (again thanks W and GOP) and a state budget crisis (thanks Arnold and GOP!) this is what we focus on? Gimmie a Break!

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