Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CDP Convention: New Leadership

Chair John Burton

His victory was never in question but his opponent Chris Finnie’s 24% of the vote is eyebrow raising. Torres never seemed to care about implementing a 58 county strategy nor breaking the CDP from its Sacramento stranglehold. After 14 years there was plenty of frustration building and Finnie’s results show that Burton has to produce in ways Torres neither could or would.

First Vice Chair Alex Rooker

She defeated Alicia Wong with 67% of the vote. She is in a unique position to unify the labor branch of the party and may become a real player in the 2010 cycle. Torres never seemed to delegate activity to his Vice-Chairs. I don’t envision Burton doing the same thereby giving Alex a great platform to run after Burton leaves the CDP

Second Vice Chair Eric Bauman

I mention the next race for CDP chair because Bauman has been telling some on the Westside of LA that Burton will only serve until Boxer gets re-elected. If this is so, then Eric can run for the position that he has coveted for over a decade. He is the chair of the LA Central Committee and can manage a mob. He has credibility with the grassroots for his work with the Organization and Development Committee. The fight that almost happened between these two this year may happen in a few.

Secretary Reginald Jones-Sawyer
Ran unopposed.

Controller Hillary Crosby

She won 54% - 46%. Not a blowout but not a hard positive. Bradley found his footing too late and Crosby, once she found victory a possibility, immediately toned down her rhetoric. Unlike the folks over at Caltics, I don’t see her win as a positive for the grassroots. The position is one of management and trust. As a newbie to the CDP financial world, she has a steep learning curve and will probably be captured by the machine she ran against. The “grassroots” are notorious for not following up and supporting their causes. Rather, they flit about chasing after that which is current at the time. It is unfortunate because, if they ever got their act together, they could change the party.

Early Analysis
Burton will be a fun spokesperson, so long as he doesn’t get embroiled in some scandal. That which the Bay Area will tolerate is not a method by which to measure the state. And he will eat Nehring alive.

Rooker and Bauman will jockey for position the second Burton steps aside and Crosby’s inexperience will place the onus on fundraising more on the Chair that he would probably like.

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