Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Propositions

The budget deal was wrong on so many levels but until the 2/3rd majority rule is dealt with we are stuck with a state held hostage by an atavistic minority lost in the last century.

1A- Rainy Day Budget Stabilization Fund
CDP: No by 58% (need 60% to pass)
Field Poll: N-49%, Y-40%, U-11%
The battle on the floor of the CDP was hot if the web uploads were accurate. It is unfortunate that Labor decided to fight via delegates but the end result settled nothing and satisfied most; a majority approved but not enough to do anything about it.

1B – Education Funding
CDP endorsed via visual vote
Field Poll: N-49%, Y-40%, U-11%
An easy sell for Democrats but coming on the heels of 1A makes the substance suspect.

1C – Lottery Modernization
CDP endorsed 67%
Field Poll: N-59%, Y-32%, U-9%
SEIU is going to have to work more overtime than they already do to pass this. The Convention floor was easy but the ballot box is what matters. The need to explain how this temporary fix won’t become a permanent liability has yet to be made.

1D – Children’s Services Funding
CDP takes a neutral position (52%)
Field Poll: N-49%, Y-40%, U-11%
Kids are an easy sell with the rank and file Democrats except when asked to take money from them because the adults can’t balance the budget.

1E - Mental Health Funding
CDP takes a neutral position (50.1%)
Field Poll: N-51%, Y-40%, U-9%
Again the idea of taking money from those who need it in order to balance the books is just wrong even though most people will take from the mentally ill rather then the children

1F- Elected Official’s Salaries
CDP endorsed via visual vote
Field Poll: Y-71%, N-24%, U-5%
Even though I personally believe that we don’t pay our elected officials enough, I do agree that something must be done for them to put the functioning of the state above their employment after they are term-limited from office.

Sacramento leadership was pushing for a Yes on all to validate the deal. The CDP splits with a No on 1A, 1D, and 1E and a Yes on 1B, 1C, and 1F. The CRP says No on everything and the Field Poll agrees except for 1F.

I predict Republicans will crow about this success in checking the spending Democrats as state offices close in the middle of a recession.

I also predict a Prop. 13 like movement to reform the California Government but it remains to be seen if the Sacramento establishment will wake up to this mob coming up Interstate 5 or if they will act in their own self interest and barricade the doors.

Either way, this election should have never happened, but it will and that will change everything.

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