Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twitter and San Diego's Republican Party

As noted below, Twitter suspended the accounts of the San Diego Republican Party for setting up dummy accounts on Twitter for Democratic officials, in blatant violation of Twitter's rules.  In particular, the chairman of the San Diego Republican Party, Tony Krvaric was banned from Twitter because he was setting up these dummy accounts himself.  Weirdest of all, when he was caught, Mr. Krvaric didn't deny that he was behind the dummy accounts.

I mention all of this because Wonkette is right - while this sort of thing goes on all the time, its usually an intern, or a "overactive volunteer" who pulls this kind of stuff, not the head of the Republican Party.  That's because when the dirty trick gets exposed, as it will always be exposed, an intern, or overactive volunteer doing the dirty work will get ignored by the media.  When the GOP chairman gets caught, the media pays attention.  Good job, Mr. Krvaric.

Now comes the next fun question: which Republican officeholders and candidates will condemn and/or repudiate Mr. Krvaric's actions first?  My money is on Bonnie Dumanis, who's not only a law and order type, but she's also trying to shore up her centrist cred.  By the way, each time one of these GOP candidates/officeholders condemn or fail to condemn Mr. Krvaric's actions will draw a headline.  Again, if an intern, or "overactive volunteer" set up the dummy accounts, Mr. Krvaric could distance himself from the whole affair, and the story would die.

So, Mr. Krvaric, the Democrats you impersonated on Twitter may not have been savvy enough to setup Twitter accounts for themselves, but you were stupid enough to do the dirty work yourself.  Well done, sir.

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