Friday, January 13, 2012

Carl DeMaio's hollow veterans jobs plan

From Dirty DeMaio:

Carl DeMaio rolled out a new veterans proposal yesterday ahead of today's first mayoral debate to feature all four candidates. It makes sense strategically since he's running against Bob Filner, who's worked on veterans issues for years in Congress, and Nathan Fletcher, a decorated veteran who released a veterans plan months ago.

But reading through it, it turns out DeMaio's veterans plan does not include any step in which jobs are created. In fact, you'd be forgiven if you thought it was just his campaign's "Job Creation" page with the word 'veteran' thrown in a few times to narrow the focus. It's impressive at least for its consistency, since his Job Creation plan doesn't have a step where jobs are created either.

For someone who claims to be so driven by data and trackable performance and careful measure of outcomes and tough accountability, you would think there would be something remotely resembling a tangible goal here. But the sort of hard, trackable goals that usually indicate seriousness aren't anywhere to be found in this plan.

And since its a jobs plan that doesn't create jobs, it just means DeMaio's plan is to promote hiring certain people over others -- instead of having enough good jobs for everyone. That probably makes a certain sense for DeMaio, since he thinks the private sector is "good enough" already.

This plan that doesn't create any jobs was released from his city council office, not through his campaign. So it will be interesting to follow along and see, compared to his previous Pathways and Roadmaps, how much effort DeMaio actually puts into campaigning on the taxpayer-funded proposal and how much time he devotes to actually trying to pass any of it as a current member of the council.
He hasn't had much luck actually passing any of the items in any of the previous elaborate, taxpayer-funded policy packages, and you'd be hard pressed to see evidence of him trying. But given how much trouble Carl DeMaio has showing up to his day job or even keeping track of what goes on when he's playing hooky, maybe there just isn't enough time in the day.

Hard to justify calling DeMaio a 'taxpayer watchdog' who's 'cleaning up City Hall' when he's struggling to show up or push his very own agenda -- while making sure he spends every taxpayer dime he can on campaign fodder. Just like it's hard to take a jobs plan seriously that doesn't even include the step of actually creating jobs.

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