Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy San Diego Legal Team: Arrested Outlaw Occupella Singer Stephanie Jennings and other unlawfully arrested

Press Release for Conference on Monday, 1/9/2012 @ 3:30 p.m. at Civic Center Plaza.

Targeted and unlawful application of the law against peaceful protesters, and the expansion of the Occupiers' Federal TRO for an injunction to stop the the false, arbitrary and overly broad charges of "Illegal lodging & encroachment" by SDPD.

Lawyers for the Occupiers (Byran Pease, etc.) and unjustly arrested Occupiers Stephanie Jennings, Michael Garcia, Ray Lutz and John B. Kenney will be in attendance, as well as other eye-witnesses and singers of the notorious Outlaws Occupella SD Gang.

Occupy member and Occupella singer Stephanie Jennings is one of two women man-handled, bruised and arrested by SDPD officers for singing at Civic Center on Saturday night, where several hundred Occupiers were peacefully celebrating the three month anniversary of the Occupy Movement in Civic Center Plaza. Ms. Jennings, a self-employed mother and founder of the Women Occupiers Group, was charged an outrageous $10,000 for 243(B) PC, " battery committed against the person of a peace officer".  Ms. Jennings, and numerous eye-witnesses deny the charges. She will be filing an official complaint.

Ms. Jennings and Michael Garcia, arrested on Friday night for having a folding chair in the Plaza, just 1 hour before he was scheduled to speak at a Labor event celebrating the 100 year anniversary of San Diego police oppression and numerous killings against Emma Goldman and Free Speech and Workers' Rights History Month at the Centro Cultural Del Raza at Balboa Park, are just the latest in a long suffering string of arrests on specious charges targeted at the peaceful protesters in San Diego Civic Center.

YouTube video of the incident shows SDPD officers arresting two women, and throwing one of them to the concrete Plaza floor. Many protesters can be heard chanting, “Shame on you,” at the SDPD officers man-handling the women.

Attorneys for the Occupiers will address the various legal aspects of the Federal case, and the expanded causes of action for the TRO/injunction.

See also YouTube at:
[ Footage of Stephanie Jennings, picking up the action just after the initial assault and battery by the SDPD Sgt., is between 5 and 18 seconds on the left side of the screen. The bald cop, believed to be Sgt. Malano(?), later pushing the other woman, is the same one that assaulted Ms. Jennings.]

For more information contact John B. Kenney at, or (619) 674-1858.


John Grints said...
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John Grints said...

In this kind of arrest, the occupiers have the right to file complaints. SDPD officers shouldn't have harmed the protesters. They could do their job in a calmly manner. That would'have prevented injuries and crimes.

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Angeline said...

I agree with the previous comments. Protesters should have been treated well. That would have prevented commotions and injuries.

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MarkRupperts said...

Protesters have the right to file a complaint whenever they get assaulted. SPDF officers should have made a peaceful move in sending away those protesters in a calm and decent manner.

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MarkRupperts said...

Protesters should have filed complaints against these officers. They deserved a respect. Injuries would have been prevented if the officers used an acceptable method.

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Brent McLaulen said...

The woman who was thrown by a police officer on a concrete floor should have filed a complaint against that officer. Personal injuries can be filed. A lawyer can help in settling this case.

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Anita said...

One of the people who have been hurt during this unlawful arrest can file a class action trial on behalf of all the people who have been harmed during the incident. A class action attorney can certainly help them file a complaint and claims.

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Angeline said...

Unlawful arrest should be dealt accordingly. It is important for the victims to file a complaint against the SPDF officers. They can hire attorneys that specialize in handling assault cases. If I am not mistaken, an assault can be filed against the officers.

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Kyra said...

We should demand for the release of Stephanie Jennings immediately and demand further investigation regarding the abuse. Not doing so will lead to other abuses in the future.

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Anonymous said...

This unlawful arrest is against human rights. The involved SDPD should be reprimanded accordingly. Even their chief officer must also explain to the public regarding this matter.

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Helen said...

This kind of arrest is ridiculous. If I were that woman, of course I wouldn't want to be put in handcuffs just because of singing in public.
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Stew said...

So whatever happened to the arresting officers? I don't think it will be ever enough that they get suspected over those very foul police handiwork. It can never be a fair practice even for car accident attorney los angeles. They should lose their badge in my humble opinion.

Suzy Thompson said...

Some officers tend to abuse their powers and vent our their aggression toward peaceful protesters. I don't see why they needed to assault the protesters when they weren't causing any problem anyway.

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Suzy Thompson said...

I don't see why the officers needed to assault the protesters who weren't causing any harm anyway.

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Stew said...

There's still no report about whatever happened to those arresting police officers. I still think they should lose their badges for the injury they caused those hapless protesters. spine injury lawyer los angeles

Ryan Donovan said...

It's one thing to arrest someone, but harassing during an arrest is completely a different story. This is unacceptable and the officers involved needs to be punished.

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Unknown said...

Any news about the arresting officers? They should be punished by the law on what they have done. If there's a wrongful death involved here they need a wrongful death attorney's to help them too.