Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ducheny accuses Vargas of Smear tactics

Former Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny's campaign for CD 51 reports that the campaign of her opponent, Sen. Juan Vargas, is "once again using 'heavy handed smear tactics,'" claiming that the Vargas campaign distributed "a slanderous and deceptive mailer." The Ducheny campaign says that the Spanish language newspaper La Prensa editorialized against Vargas in his 2010 Senate race against Mary Salas and quotes from its editorial, "Heavy handed smear tactics best describes the Vargas style of campaigning and he has plenty of money to spread his vitriol thanks to the insurance companies that are bank rolling his campaign." Ducheny says, "My opponent knows that I have more knowledge, experience and respect for this district and that his only chance to win the district is to buy it." Ducheny, a Democrat, served six years in the Assembly beginning in 1994 and eight years in the Senate beginning in 2002.

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