Tuesday, May 15, 2012

San Diego City Council to Pass Resolution Recognizing USWW Janitors;
Janitors Begin Hunger Fast For Family Health Care

San Diego City Council to Pass Resolution Recognizing USWW Janitors;
Janitors Begin Hunger Fast For Family Health Care

San Diego, CA - On Tuesday, May 15, 2012, USWW Janitors will hold a press conference to announce the beginning of a 3-day hunger fast for health care most San Diego janitors are not provided with by their employers.  Following the press conference, the San Diego City Council will vote on a resolution recognizing the contributions, hard work and dedication janitors continue to make to keep San Diego America’s ‘Finest City’.  Tomorrow’s actions, which will conclude with a candlelight vigil at the Civic Center, are part of series of actions throughout the week over their ongoing fight for a dignified contract that includes a modest wage increase and health care for janitors and their families.

“I sacrifice time with my family in order to work enough hours to put food on the table. Even though I am there to see my children off to school in the morning, it is still not enough,” says Gloria Mejía, a janitor for 13 years currently working for ABM and one of the hunger fasters.  “What tenants need to realize is that us not having health care affects them too.  I work right next to them in their office space.  If there is an outbreak of some kind in my neighborhood, I am going be taking that to work with me. It could spread to them because I don’t have the health insurance to take care of myself and prevent it.”

As part of their statewide campaign for a new contract expiring in 2012, USWW janitors released a study that demonstrates that with a better health care system people in middle-class families could live four years longer.  Income inequality has taken center stage in the national discussion since the rise of the Occupy Movement. This third study in the “How Much is The 1% Holding Back Your Family?” series argues that the longer life expectancy of the extreme rich suggests that we can create a healthier California where everyone lives longer and more prosperous lives.

Hundreds of Janitors from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County, including community and interfaith leaders.

Press Conference to announce hunger strike, City Council Resolution (with Councilman David Alvarez and Marti Emerald), & Candle light vigil.

Press Conference, 12:30PM, Civic Center Plaza; SD City Council Resolution
2:30PM, City Hall; Candle light vigil with Hunger Fasters
10PM, Civic Center.

For more information about SEIU United Service Workers West or the study, please contact Mark Gomez at (408) 835-2713.

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