Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Progressive Newsweekly San Diego CityBeat Endorses Peters for Congress

Progressive Newsweekly San Diego CityBeat Endorses Peters for Congress

“Peters is smart, calm and savvy” and “represents the best chance of beating Bilbray” ~ San Diego CityBeat

San Diego -- In the first media endorsement in the race for the 52nd Congressional District, San Diego's leading progressive newsweekly, San Diego CityBeat, today endorsed Scott Peters over fellow Democrat Lori Saldaña citing Peters as the best chance Democrats have to beat entrenched Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray.

The magazine’s editorial write up said “Peters is well suited for Congress and well suited to represent the middle-of-the-road 52nd District. Peters is smart, calm and savvy and has a knack for behind-the-scenes diplomacy.”

CityBeat, considered a “beacon of liberal opinion,” also had plenty to say about Saldaña, “her volatile personality” and her “reputation for not working and playing well with others -- hardly a trait that’s desperately needed in Washington, D.C.”

Recounting an incident with Saldaña that occurred last month when she cancelled an interview over a benign tweet by its editor, the write up said Saldaña revealed her true colors: “she revealed herself to be shockingly sensitive and politically unsophisticated, and she missed an opportunity to reach out to tens of thousands of voters less than two months before the election. Dumb. We knew of her alienating manner before that, but the occurrence sealed it for us.”

“Most importantly,” the editorial said, “Peters represents the best chance of beating Bilbray in November.”

“Congress has plenty of volatility right now and that’s not working out for anyone,” said Peters. “When our government doesn’t work, who does that hurt most? It hurts the poor and the middle-class and working families and that’s wrong. I appreciate CityBeat’s endorsement. It adds to the great momentum that’s building towards a Peters-Bilbray run-off in November."

“We have always asserted that Scott had the best chance of beating Brian Bilbray in this newly drawn district, and CityBeat agrees,” said Campaign Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar. “Scott’s calm, cool, professional style of leadership won the day in this case, and I believe CityBeat’s editors know Scott will stand up for, and with, working families."

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