Monday, July 30, 2012


Solana Beach, CA – Solana Beach Deputy Mayor Dave Roberts worked with his colleagues on the Solana Beach City Council in a special session to unanimously pass a resolution to reaffirm the city’s commitment to the Brown Act.

 “I was disappointed when I learned that the state budget would no longer contain funding to implement certain components of the Brown Act,” Roberts said. “Our resolution not only reaffirms our commitment to following the Brown Act, but firmly states that the public has remedies to ensure the actions of our city government are open and transparent.”

The Brown Act was enacted by the state legislature back in the 1950′s to allow the public right of knowledge and participation in municipal government meetings. When the city of Solana Beach incorporated in 1986, following the Brown Act was incorporated into the local general code.

Roberts went on to say that “open and transparent government is a hallmark that all agencies should follow. I am pleased that my council colleagues worked together with me to reaffirm that our community would continue following the Brown Act as is prescribed in the general code.”

 “As a local elected official for the past eight years, I have seen firsthand why it is critical that all government business is done in an open and transparent manner. It will always be a core value of mine that all government agencies here in San Diego County operate according to the goals and ideals of the Brown Act. An open and transparent government is good for everyone.”

There is currently legislation pending that recommends placing a simple constitutional requirement on the next statewide ballot that would mandate that “Each public body shall provide public notice of its meetings and shall publicly disclose any action take.” If approved by the voters, it becomes the law and cannot be suspended again without a vote of the public.

“I support this constitutional amendment to solve this problem once and for all,” concluded Roberts.

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