Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher Endorses Scott Peters for Congress

“Peters is smart, capable, has the right experience for the job.” ~ Nathan Fletcher

San Diego – Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who made national headlines this year when he became an independent after being a life-long Republican, today endorsed Scott Peters for Congress over Republican Brian Bilbray. Peters is running to unseat Bilbray in California’s newly re-drawn 52nd Congressional District.

Fletcher’s endorsement could have a tremendous impact in a race in which 1/3 of the voters are registered as Decline to State (DTS) or independent.

“Scott Peters is smart, capable, has the right experience, is in it for the right reasons, and he’s a good man,” said Fletcher. “Congressional dysfunction is at an all time high because of hyper partisanship. We need a leader like Scott who cares more about results than rhetoric.”

Fletcher went on to say, “If you backed me for Mayor because you want leaders who put people ahead of party politics, then I urge you to vote for Scott Peters, too.”

Peters said he was honored to have Fletcher’s endorsement. He thanked Fletcher for his service to our region, our nation, and for his confidence in Scott’s campaign.

“Nathan represents a new generation of leadership for our region,” said Peters. “He captured the imagination and respect of people from across the U.S. when he made his bold move to independence; he set a new course that will greatly influence politics in our region.”

“I’m honored to have his friendship, and his support,” he added.

Voter registration in the new 52nd Congressional District breaks down about 1/3

 Republican, 1/3 Democrat, and 1/3 Decline to State (DTS) or independent. It will be

impossible for either candidate to win with support only from voters within their party. For this reason, today’s endorsement by Assemblyman Fletcher could have a tremendous impact on this race.

Peters is endorsed by every high profile Democrat in the region, and also by high profile Republicans and business leaders, including three former chairmen of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Independent former State Sen. Lucy Killea is also backing Peters over Bilbray.

Today’s announcement illustrates the tremendous support Peters has from across the political spectrum – Democrats, Republicans and independents. The incumbent has yet to demonstrate the same type of broad political appeal with endorsements from any high profile leaders from outside of his own political party.

The race between Bilbray and Peters has garnered significant national attention because of the extremely competitive challenge Peters has waged against the 12-year, entrenched incumbent. The highly regarded Rothenberg Political Report recently upgraded the race’s rating from “Lean Republican” based on Bilbray’s long-time incumbency, to “Pure Toss Up,” based on the strength of Peters’ candidacy.

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