Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brian Bilbray Tries to Divert Attention from His Record in Washington.. Again

San Diego -- In response to a news release issued by Brian Bilbray today, the Scott Peters for Congress campaign issued the following statement:

“Mr. Bilbray’s sad response to our great news is to focus on a vote that happened a decade ago to distract from his failed leadership in Washington today,” said Peters Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar.

“Scott has stated repeatedly that his vote to continue the city’s 30-year bad habit was a mistake he regrets. The difference is Scott worked to fix the problem and San Diego is now considered a model for pension reform,” she said.

“Compare this to Mr. Bilbray who oversaw our nation’s credit downgrade for the first time in America’s history. His failure to act means the potential loss of 30,000 military-related jobs,” she added. “Mr. Bilbray should apologize to these families who have no idea how they’re going to weather this looming crisis.”


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