Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Politician DeMaio reduced to lies and thuggery

There are reports of attempted voter suppression from south bay from right-wing Judicial Watch's Voter Integrity Project. A well deserved shout out to local Labor for pushing back against this bullying and attempt to deny citizens their right to vote. Given DeMaio's ties to the right-wingers in D.C., this attempt to turn San Diego into Arizona for voting to deny Filner a win deserves to be at the top of the news cycle and demands a real response from the progressive community in San Diego.

And these flyers have been popping up.

 If DeMaio were really up by 10, would these tactics be necessary?

Wait. This is DeMaio. It's not about winning. It's about destruction. An enemies list has been created, a flow chart of his administration has been making the rounds (Lutar as Deputy mayor positions her well for a run at the City Council), and this is keeping in character with a politician who doesn't care for anyone but himself and punishing those who dare challenge him.

That the Republican Party could produce someone this odious is a major reason why people don't like politics. And why DeMaio needs to lose.

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